Here are some important reminders for tomorrow and next week!

  • Tomorrow is Interschool Sports! Make sure to wear your full school uniform, pack lots of healthy food and water. You will need your school hat otherwise you cannot play.
  • Soccer players can bring their soccer boots, but these must be in your bag and you can change into your boots when we arrive at Elgar Park.
  • Please make sure to bring your library books to school as we will need to return them tomorrow.
  • Next Tuesday, the Grade 6 students will be participating in a leadership day. On Tuesday the Grade 5 students will wear their regular uniform (Grade 5/6S- sports, 5/6R and 5/6I will wear their school uniform) and all Grade 6 students are to wear their sports uniform.
  • All homework is due on Tuesday!


This coming Tuesday (14th March), the Grade 6 students will be participating in a Leadership Day run by Aspire Higher.

During the day students will participate in dynamic activities, where they will need to work in teams to collaborate and problem solve.

On the day students will need to wear their sports uniform.

Looking forward to a day filled with fun and excitement!

For more information about the Aspire Hire company and program, please click on the icon and it will redirect you to their webpage.

Swimming Lessons

Last week, the grade 5/6 students completed an intensive swimming program. The last day was full of fun games and activities. Post a comment to discuss what you enjoyed about the swimming program.file_000-2 file_001 file_002 file_003 file_004